Fall & Spring Travel Programs

Travel programs within Pomperaug Soccer Club are for the U9 through U19 age groups. Players go through a placement process once per year each June for the following Fall/Spring seasons, and are split into multiple divisions (A, B ) for each age group based on skill level and the number of players registered for that age. A higher level of commitment is typically required for players desiring to play within Division A, which is the highest competitive level. Each division plays against comparable divisions from other towns within either the Northwest District or Southwest District of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association. For more specific information on Pomperaug Soccer Club Travel programs and the skills focus for each age, click the links below.

Travel U9 & U10
Travel U11 & U12
Travel U13 & U14
Travel U16 & U19

The "U" in the division stands for "Under" and is a general indication of the age range for that program. All programs in Southbury Soccer Club use January 1st as the age cutoff date to determine which division is appropriate for a child. Please refer to our Age Groups page for information regarding divisions.

Placement Process & Overview:

Players are evaluated once per year in early June for the following Fall/Spring season - The Fall 2018 Placement Schedule is below.

An overview of the process is below:
NOTE: All players who wish to play Travel soccer MUST register BEFORE the placement session. Players who do not register ahead of time are unable to participate in the placement session.

  1. Early May - PSC will announce the Travel Placement schedule for later in the month. Registration opens for Travel.
  2. Early June - Travel placements are held and you can expect the following:
    1. Players should arrive 15 mins before the start time to check in and receive a numbered jersey
    2. We ask that parents sit back close to the parking lot and do not treat this like a practice/game and provide support or instructions. The goal is for the players to have a fun & a focused training session.
    3. During the session, Everson professional coaches are utilized to direct the session and evaluate each player. This will include some warm-up technical skill sessions followed by small sided games (3v3, 6v6) and rotating players as needed. Everson coaches will be evaluating the player's skills, athleticism, game understanding, and coachability. They will also evaluate what positions a player may play on a team.
  3. June/July - Rosters for each team in the age groups are formed. This is based on input from their current coaches, trainers, and the placement session are used to rate each player and determine team placement. This process will take some time to compile.
  4. Beginning of August - Rosters are announced for all age divisions.

The 2018-2019 Travel Season Placement Schedule:

PLACEMENT SCHEDULE by birth year/age/fall team
Birth Year Age / Fall Team Day/Start Time Location Date**
2010 U9 Boys Tue & Thur 6:30 Settlers Park 2 June 12 & June 14
(Please attend both sessions)
2010 U9 Girls Mon & Thur 5:00 Settlers Park 2 June 11 & June 14
(Please attend both sessions)
2009 U10 Boys Wed 6:30 Settlers Park 2 June 13
2009 U10 Girls Wed 5:00 Settlers Park 2 June 13
2008 U11 Boys Mon 6:30 Settlers Park 1 June 11
2008 U11 Girls Tue 5:00 Settlers Park 1 June 12
2007 U12 Boys Wed 6:30 Settlers Park 1 June 13
2007 U12 Girls Tue 5:00 Settlers Park 3 June 12
2006, 2005, 2004 U13/14+ Boys Wed 5:00 Settlers Park 3 June 13
2006, 2005, 2004 U13/14+ Girls Tue 6:30 Settlers Park 3 June 12
2010 - 2007 Goalkeepers* Mon 5:00 Settlers Park 3 June 11
2006 - 2004 Goalkeepers* Mon 6:30 Settlers Park 3 June 11
2009-2007 MAKEUPS-U10 - U12 Thur 5:00 Settlers Park 2 June 14
2004-2006 MAKEUPS-U13 - U14 Thur 6:30 Settlers Park 3 June 14
* Goalkeepers, If you have a conflict with GK' date and your team placement date, attend your team placement and let registration person know
** In case of weather cancellations, Makeup Dates will be utilized, please check website for updates for more details if needed