Age Groups and U-Levels

Pomperaug Soccer Club programs follow US Soccer and Connecticut Junior Soccer Association guidelines which mandate that U-level age dates run from January 1 to December 31. The table below can be used to determine what U level your child will be at for the upcoming Fall-Spring soccer year, and the appropriate program for that level.

Birth Year Fall-Spring 2018-2019 Program
2015 U4 In House - Pre-Kickers
2014 U5 In House - Kickers
2013 U6 In House - Kickers
2012 U7 In House - Big Kickers
2011 U8 In House - Big Kickers
2010 U9 Travel
2009 U10 Travel
2008 U11 Travel
2007 U12 Travel
2006 U13 Academy
2005 U14 Academy
2003-2004 U16* Travel
2000-2002 U19* Travel
1978 and older Over 40 Travel
1968 and older Over 50 Travel

* Note that the U16 and U19 programs are only available in the Spring due to conflicts with High School programs in the Fall.

Please also see the following document for information regarding US Soccer Age Group Changes and Field Size Dimensions put into effect in Fall 2017.